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US7975803B2 Dismantlable scaffold and a railing adapter for it US2003481074A 2004-06-09 2011-07-12 PDF
US6845957B2 Device for mounting and dismantling formwork US2003393266A 2003-03-20 2005-01-25 PDF
US7073766B2 Formwork system for concrete bodies US2003428054A 2003-05-01 2006-07-11 PDF
US7648306B2 Concrete shell assembly US2003563487A 2006-04-26 2010-01-19 PDF
US8104738B2 Concrete shell system including clamping devices having diagonally guided wedges US2003563405A 2006-01-04 2012-01-31 PDF
US7156360B2 Formwork system for forming transitions of reinforcement between concrete components and/or as termination of concrete formworks US2004759926A 2004-01-16 2007-01-02 PDF
US7708916B2 Device and method for displacing a floor table mold US2003576525A 2006-04-20 2010-05-04 PDF
US7472878B2 Lowering device comprising a support structure US2003576524A 2006-04-20 2009-01-06 PDF
US7744057B2 Curved concrete formwork US2003582772A 2006-06-13 2010-06-29 PDF
US8272620B2 Formwork system having bolt element ties rotatably journaled in respective captively connected locking elements US2003585018A 2007-03-29 2012-09-25 PDF
US9316007B2 Industrial scaffolding US2007665955A 2008-02-25 2016-04-19 PDF
US8104576B2 Scaffold steps US2007922804A 2009-01-15 2012-01-31 PDF
US8708100B2 Rail-guided climbing system US2007993022A 2007-12-19 2014-04-29 PDF
US9303418B2 Climbing cylinder of self-climbing formwork US14578538A 2014-12-22 2016-04-05 PDF
US8714512B2 Devisible climbing shoe of a climbing formwork US2007993024A 2007-12-19 2014-05-06 PDF
US8413949B2 Climbing shoe in the building sector US2007917927A 2007-12-18 2013-04-09 PDF
US8276874B2 Ceiling formwork system US2007988061A 2009-01-28 2012-10-02 PDF
US7992836B2 Slab formwork system and method for preparation of slab formwork system of this type US2006415955A 2006-05-01 2011-08-09 PDF
US8523137B2 Slab formwork system US2008296095A 2009-05-15 2013-09-03 PDF
US8262056B2 Prop head for ceiling formwork US2008312581A 2009-05-18 2012-09-11 PDF
US8220772B2 Anchor rod anchor system of a concrete wall form US2009449145A 2009-07-24 2012-07-17 PDF
US8360389B2 Formwork systems for forming corners and T intersections using formwork elements comprising centrally lined up tie holes US2009449511A 2009-08-11 2013-01-29 PDF
US9470005B2 Panel formwork systems for forming T-shaped intersections using panel formwork elements with centrally lined up tie holes US13723218A 2012-12-21 2016-10-18 PDF
US8282067B2 Ceiling joist formwork with automatic stripping of the inner board US2009450500A 2009-09-29 2012-10-09 PDF
US8555601B2 Timber support for the construction industry US2010998744A 2011-05-26 2013-10-15 PDF
US9279261B2 Method for manufacturing a formwork element US14446376A 2014-07-30 2016-03-08 PDF
US8783658B2 Telescopic structural support US13515308A 2012-06-12 2014-07-22 PDF
US8727302B2 Anchor system of a concrete wall formwork US13577914A 2012-08-09 2014-05-20 PDF
US6422345B1 Dismountable facade scaffold US1999242265A 1999-12-09 2002-07-23 PDF
US6554102B2 Dismountable facade scaffold US200252679A 2002-01-18 2003-04-29 PDF
US6223856B1 Dismountable scaffolding with base plates arranged on cross struts US1999381111A 1999-11-24 2001-05-01 PDF
US6220392B1 Scaffold with vertical and transverse supports US1999381325A 1999-12-29 2001-04-24 PDF
US6547482B2 Hook strap US2000733222A 2000-12-08 2003-04-15 PDF